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Title: FSHost Server
Post by: Brett on January 16, 2007, 08:14:53 AM
 I'm starting this post for those who want to rent a server instead of running one themselves. I do not work for any company which runs servers. I am not try to advertise for anyone but myself.
 So, if anyone else finds a server or company running FShosts, please feel free to post them here as well.

 The only place that I do know that runs a FShost server, with 2002 to FSX compatibility is Game Server Network. Here's their offer:

Free Setup
3 Day Free Trail before purchasing
Tech support
Teamspeak (optional but free with purchase of any server)
Webspace (displays FSHost status and Remote Access)

$2.00 per slot Monthly

 You can visit my server status at (
 You can sign up for your own at (