need help with FShost

Started by emaresh, June 23, 2010, 10:48:06 PM

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Just install it the FShost yesterday and every on else can join but I can and I have it the FShost on a onther computer is the FShost is on and my FlightSim game is on my main computer every time when i try to join the FShost it is saying Conntect Failded! No Response need help

Air SeaTac

Ok, your flightsim is on one PC, FSHost is on another PC.  Are these both on the same network?

The other people joining, where are they?  On your same network?  On the internet?  If on the internet and they're able to connect what IP are you using to connect?


Yes the FShost is on the other PC and my flightsim game is on my other computer yes we are using the same route. other peopel is using the IP form my ISP the Fshost is running Vista 32bit and my flight sim computer is running vista 64bit

Air SeaTac

Ok, it sounds like the other users are connecting from the internet.  What IP are you using to connect?  The IP your ISP gave you?  If so that's wrong, you need to be connecting to the IP of the PC FSHost is running on, if you don't know how to find that out ask here

Russell Gilbert


I would suggest running FS and FSHost on the same machine. Although it sounds like a good idea to separate them, it actually causes lots of networking problems when you're using a router, because you can only forward the FS ports to one machine at a time, and you need them to go to both machines.

FSHost uses very little of your CPU, so most people are able to run both on the same machine with no problems.

Be sure to forward all the FS ports in your router to the one machine and then it should be fine.