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Master Server temporarily moved - July 3, 2010 - FSPortTest affected also


Russell Gilbert:
Hi guys,

The FSHost Master Server was temporarily moved to another server.  My web hosting company seems to have changed their firewall, and it's affecting the Master Server.  FSHost admins using a Remote Access port in the range from 81 to 1023 were unable to register with the Master Server, and therefore weren't listed in FSHostSpy.

Many thanks to West Coast ATC for generously hosting the Master Server for the time being.

You may notice the following message in your FSHost logs:

   The Master Server URL has been updated to: http://fshost.westcoastatc.com/cgi-bin/fshost_master.cgi

And if you run FSHostSpy, you'll get a similar message saying that the Master Server URL has been updated.

Once the problem is resolved, I'll redirect the Master Server URL back to the default, which is on www.chocolatesoftware.com.

This also affects the FSPortTest.exe program, which tests your ports to ensure you have your router and firewall setup properly.  FSPortTest connects to the same server that the Master Server normally runs on, so it's affected by the new firewall changes as well.  Unfortunately the server address is hardcoded into FSPortTest, so I'll need to release a new version of it so you can test your ports against the West Coast ATC server.  More on that soon...



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