Easy Website Integration

Started by TAV1702, February 27, 2011, 06:30:52 PM

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Hi everyone. If anyone was a member of eSkyWorld years ago, you will know exactly what I am going to refer too.

They had it so that one could login to their site and if they were a controller, they could start up or shut down the server right from the website without ever leaving the site AND it would show a server status and session info on their site.

Now I am sure this is something that Ken worked real hard on and I know Russell was mentioned QUITE often there. I would love it if there was an easy way to integrate FSHost in a website without using the dreaded iframes. Iframes = insecurity as well as an ugly mess when pages being called are down. That is so early 90s that it is not even funny anymore.

If anyone has any tips or tricks not involving iframes that would be awesome.

So I guess my wish for this thread is easy website integration.