version 5 FSHost

Started by G_CHAS, September 09, 2003, 11:02:35 PM

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 ::) Hi Russell  ::)

This version 5.0 FSHost is absolutely brilliant matey, not one bug or error to be found, all the client connections ran superbly, and I have been unable to cause any crashes or mishaps whatsoever. The new features are absolutely stunning, and I`m sure that all the other Beta Testers, are going to be happy with this version.
I particularly like the option of  the "jumping Flightdeck" . its great to be able to see all aspects of the game and flight from any view point and from any players cockpit.
Well done on the success of the router/firewall fix.absolutely magic.why you never thought of that before.
Then Russell awakes after another busy Day of email input and new suggestions, and just wishes that the next email really did say all this?
FSHost really is an excellent version 3 is working well.........someone did point out that when the weather is set to bad from good.there did not seem to be much change in the wind speeds..........not sure that its possible to adjust the wind speeds seperate to the default weather patterns.but feedback suggests, they like the weather changes. Still unable to connect with LAN`s enabled(previous discussion) and unable for players to see my FSNav?.still working on that one!

Any how Russell.take care.keep up the good work.but do find time to take a break??