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Russell, thanks for the conditionals

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They really helped to make my status pages cleaner and more elegant. Now, I can not only remove text and links that don't make sense when a field is empty, but I can also put "---" into empty cells so they don't look so empty. I love it!  :D

Russell Gilbert:
Glad to see someone using it -- looks nice :-)

I don't know if you're using dashes for this reason or not, but thought I'd mention it...

When you have the table borders turned on, and a cell is completely empty (<td></td>), the browser doesn't draw the inner border lines of the cell and it looks weird.  You can fix that by inserting a non-breaking space ( ) into the cell, so it'll still look empty, but with the inner borders.  Just FYI -- you might already know this.


Russell Gilbert:
BTW, I love the format of the page.  Nice usage of the links in the new Info column, as well as the stuff in the lower left corner.


Thanks, Russell. I don't know why but for some reason I've been hooked on RemoteAccessPublic since I first started using FSHost. So, you can imagine how much I longed for those conditionals. Free at last, free at last!  ;D

Yes, the peculiar-looking empty cells were taken care of with non-breaking spaces in your original template. I added the dashes to give the cells something to do. They look happier now.  :)

For those that have discovered the embedded browser in FS9's kneeboard, the Bush Net Mini Pilot List contains all the info from the main status page but uses significantly less real estate by taking advantage of tooltips. Conditionals were imperative here to prevent goofy tooltips from showing up when variables were empty.

Peter -
   Embeded browser in the kneeboard? THat sounds too cool, i can't wait to get home and actually use the kneeboard. I wonder if there is a way to send a server html to client kneeboards. Imagine seeing the teamspeak or rogerwilco list, which can be used to switch channels ... ahh the mind is working overtime now...


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