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Started by CowBoyGuy, September 18, 2003, 07:59:28 PM

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Yesterday I Loaded beta 15 and had to reboot to get the thing to even start, but all is fine now.

Love the new variables, I expect the users will want METAR formatted weather, but hey, with the conditionals I can write those out myself.

I made another hop in the National AIr Tour (which I believe MS has stolen from me :o ... (I had mine available in August, they posted in September...)
Fellow FSHost Server friends are welcome to use the hop list! and FLight Plan I created at no additional charge  :P
Unfortunately, I am the only user that shows making any hops! In fact, I wasn't on the list even though the startup logs show finding/reading an existing file, until after I completed hop 6. I noticed a very large number inserted after I made a single hop...

toxic      21      21      0      0
Luv2Fly      0      28      0      0
N73RR      1      1      0      0
N976SP      4      4      0      0
Unnamed Pilot      4      4      0      0
horsefeather152      1      1      0      0
N927ES      7      7      1063846653      0

Any idea on how I can make these other users register on the tally page?

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Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

Yeah, this new status page only works for hops completed after installing beta 15, so as people complete hops, you should start seeing them in the list.  The large number you're seeing there is the time the hop was completed (actually the number of seconds since Jan. 1st 1970, which is how computers normally store time values), and they're written to the .fhp file as the hops (or the entire hop list) are completed.  All existing entries are give a value of zero, indicating that we don't know when the hop was completed, so they're not shown.  Of course, if you wanted to, you could just copy and paste the large number to all the other entries, and then it would show that everyone completed their hop at the same time you did -- that's fine if you want to do it.

Column 1 is the player's name.
Column 2 is the hop they're currently on.
Column 3 is the highest hop they've started (used for deciding if they're allowed to use the ?hop=x command)
Column 4 is the time the most recent hop was completed.
Column 5 is the time the entire list was first completed.


Russell Gilbert

Also, it looks like Luv2Fly is the only one that's completed the entire list.  So if you wanted to copy that large number to the fourth column of his entry (replace the last zero), then he'll show up in the "list completed" section.

After you edit this file, you'll either need to restart FSHost to get it to load it again, or you can go to Options / Hop List, select a different hop list file, then go back and select this one again.  Each time you select a new file, and click OK to leave the Options window, it reads the .fhl and .fhp files again.


Russell Gilbert

This got me thinking...

The first time the new version is run, when it sees that there are no times for the completed hops, instead of setting them to zeroes like it's doing now, maybe it should set them to the current date and time.  So then at least they'd show up in the list, even though the times weren't technically accurate.



well, since I'm anal about keeping my logs around for debugging.... I can calculate the time each of them completed the appropriate hop :)

For the rest of the world... if there is a completed hop, but no time, may just display "unknown"? Of course a string may be hard to deal with, so then default to server start time... I guess.....
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I like server start time since that's when the supporting version of FSHost first knows about the feature and stamps everything accordingly.
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