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Newfound respect for FSHost

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Just thought I'd share this....

A couple of hours ago I had a server crash. The web server, teamspeak and FTP servers are all offline. I can't even PC anywhere in. Trying to access the machine across the LAN gives errors. Can't even force a remote reboot. No choice but to drive into the office and do a manually reboot.

Now for the interesting part.....FSHost is still running and people are still flying. The whole server goes tits up (pardon my French) but FSHost keeps on ticking! Now that's impressive!!! :D

Russell Gilbert:
Oh, did I forget to mention that in the last email?  This version has a new feature that crashes all other software on the machine, in order to have the entire machine to itself   ;D


Writing a program that can crash Windows is easy. Most of the programs I have can already do that. I'd like to see FSHost make Windows better. That would be the feat of the century :)

Oh some bad news. Just before I had the server rebooted late last night I logged into the FSHost admin web page and stopped FSHost....Guess what....everything on the machine came back.

The only clue I have is the identical messages I got when I tried to access that PCs hard drive across the network, the message I got when I tries to access the services remotely and when I tried to do a remote reboot...."Server does not have enough storage to perform this command" which means that memory leak I've been seeing reached a point where nothing but FSHost could run on the OS.

Also, the problem with FS2004 pilots not being able to connect. I finally experienced this first hand. There were 4 pilots on the system that I fly with regularly and another that I don't see very often. Anyway, I could not log in. I got the message saying that it couldn't send the info to all pilots. I tried to connect again and while it was trying to connect but just before I would have gotten the error message I asked him (the pilot I don't see often) to disconnect. The instant he disconnected it let me it but then he couldn't log in. He is not using a router but I am. There are also a few other pilots experiencing the same problem now. I restarted FSHost forgetting that it's set to clear the log file so I'll need to go through what we did again to get a log file for you.

Way to go, Russell!  :D


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