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Russell Gilbert:

I did some more research into the memory leak you mentioned...

In your original email a while back, you said you were on NT at that time, but I gather the machine's been upgraded to 2000 Server, based on this post.  You also mentioned in that post that you were checking memory and resource usage with the Task Manager.

I tried doing the same thing on my XP Pro machine today, and found the "USER objects" and "GDI objects" columns in Task Manager (never knew they were there before).  I think this is what you were probably using as well, but you mentioned in your other post that the resource usage was in percentages, and it doesn't look that way to me (maybe just different in XP).  Anyway, I did find a resource leak that causes the GDI objects to go up by 4 every time you click on one of the column headers in the player list or flight plan list.  If you keep clicking the headers, it just keeps leaking more and more.

However, I didn't find any other leaks, and I'm thinking it's maybe not the same thing you were seeing (unless you just like clicking column headers a lot while the server is running).

So..  First, can you confirm what I've said here, to make sure we're on the same page.  Then could you please try doing a few things in FSHost (running it, connecting, disconnecting, options window, clicking column headers, etc.) and see if you can find something in particular that consistently leaks resources?  I'm thinking that maybe something is different in 2000 Server.



When I open the task manager and go to Processes there is a column that says CPU. This number is the percent of cpu usage that process is using. Next to it is Mem Usage and it show the memory being used by the process. The server is 2000 server but the columns should be the same on all Win OS's. The symptoms are the same as they were when I was using NT4.

I'll take a look at the interface and see if I can find anything of interest but the FSHost GUI is never used on my server. FSHost starts, minimizes to the task tray and is never touched. The only significant activity other than pilots flying is to the userX.html files that display a list of pilots online and filed flight plans that load on my home page.

Russell Gilbert:
Ok, I guess what I was wondering about was how you were watching the resource percentage:

--- Quote ---I'm running 3b8 and had a fly-in today. When the server started running it was using about 4 megs memory and the resource usage was around 0-2%. As people joined up the resources rose to about 50% which was expected but the memory use increased to 80 Megs and when people signed off the memory use and resources didn't go back down. Even with only 3 connections FSHost was still using half the available resources and 80 Megs of memory. I set the process to only use 1 CPU to help free up resources for other processes but eventually had to stop and restart FSHost to free up memory and resources that FS host had taken. After the restart the 3 pilots reconnected and FS Host is back down to 2-5% resources and 6 Megs memory but as people come and go those numbers will continue to increase, regarless of how many people are connected.

Also, the FSHost GUI becomes unusable. If I try to open it from the task bar then the outline of the window appears but it's too busy to refresh itself or allow any control (move, min, max, close, etc)
--- End quote ---

The only way I've found to do that in Task Manager is by watching the USER and GDI columns.  But then it's not a percentage.  Did you use some other way?


Here's what I'm looking at on my server....

Russell Gilbert:
Ah, ok.  Here's what I'm using now to find resource leaks:

Notice the two columns on the right.  You can add them by going to View / Select Columns.  USER and GDI objects are what the Windows 98 "Resource Meter" used to show, if you ever used that.  They're basically all of the resources related to buttons, menus, colors, etc.  In Win9X, there were a limited amount, and when you ran out, you crashed.  That's why I always suggested people run the Resource Meter in those versions, because you could close down some programs when things started getting close to running out.  In WinNT/2K/XP, the resources are "unlimited", meaning that they're only limited by your available memory, hard drive space, or whatever.

When you said you were watching the resource % used, I assumed you meant these numbers.  But maybe you just meant CPU usage?

The leak I found today was a true resource leak, and the GDI column incremented by 4 each time I clicked on one of the column headers.  If that had been in Win9x, it would have eventually crashed the machine, but I think it'd take a lot longer in XP, if it's even possible to crash it that way -- I'm not sure.

So, let's start over now :-)  What are you seeing?



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