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Author Topic: GameSpy ends support for FSX (and info for new users)  (Read 6285 times)

Russell Gilbert

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GameSpy ends support for FSX (and info for new users)
« on: December 11, 2012, 03:27:29 PM »

When Microsoft built FSX, they closed their own online multiplayer lobby system and moved everything to GameSpy's servers. This meant they had to use GameSpy's multiplayer system, and since that system was a closed proprietary system, they removed the multiplayer system that was used for FS2002 and FS2004, and forced all FS developers to write their own multiplayer system from scratch. I created FSHostClient as an interface between FSX and FSHost, since FSX wasn't able to connect to FSHost multiplayer sessions on its own like FS2002 and FS2004 can.

But on December 6, 2012, GameSpy ended support for FSX, at Microsoft's request. All of the people using FSX with GameSpy are now looking for another way to connect to multiplayer sessions, and many of them are finding their way here, to give FSHost and FSHostClient a try.

New user info:

If you're one of those people, welcome! You can get started by downloading FSHostClient, and then seeing the forum post about my FSPortTest program for information on configuring your router -- you'll need to forward several ports from your router to the PC running FSHostClient and FSX. When FSPortTest says your network is ok, start up FSX and FSHostClient on the same machine and use FSHostClient to connect to an FSHost session. Not sure which FSHost session to connect to? Download my FSHostSpy program to get a list of all FSHost sessions currently online, and then copy an FSHost IP address into FSHostClient and make a connection. After you're connected, you'll see the other players in FSX, and vice versa. And you'll see not just the other FSX players, but players using FS2002 and FS2004 as well, all in the same session!

If you want to host a session of your own, you can download FSHost and run it on your own PC. You'll need to read the same forum post about FSPortTest and do the same port forwarding in your router.

For more information on configuring your network, see the Help topic Firewalls, Routers, and Port Forwarding.

More info on the future of FSX:

One of the FSX multiplayer groups that was using GameSpy was Boston Virtual ATC. They've now created a web site to provide more information about multiplayer alternatives with FSX, and I'm happy to include their announcement below:

Over the past six years, many communities have relied on GameSpy to host multiplayer sessions with FSX and allow their users to connect with one another. Boston Virtual ATC (BVA), a 3500-member community that relied on GameSpy’s technology in addition to FSX’s Direct Connect functionality, is one such community affected by this loss. To help FSX users seeking alternative options learn about the various communities that provide realistic operations and immersive ATC, BVA has sponsored a website to explain the situation, post relevant news, and describe the servers and communities that remain available.

To learn more about the future of FSX multiplayer beyond GameSpy or to contribute to the conversation, please see the following website:

Need help?

Feel free to post into one of the forum boards here and one of our users will be glad to help get you going.

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