Longer Hawaii Island Hopping

Started by marcushann, December 20, 2012, 12:19:15 PM

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Filename: hoplist_hawaii_longer.fhl
Number of hops: 7
Starting airport: PHTO - Hilo Gen. Lyman International in United States
Ending airport: PHNG - Kaneohe Bay Mcaf in United States
Average hop length: 147.7nm
Best aircraft to use: small/medium
Server this file is used on: http://epbs.no-ip.org:81
Comments: This is a detailed Hoplist with longer flights around the hawaii islands with runway type altitude and name included (e.g.: "PHLI = Fly heading 300 for 276.2nm and land at PHLI [surface: asphalt] [alt: 154ft] (Lihue Municipal in United States), then type "?hop"") If you would like me to post more please reply to this topic.
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