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Got power back after a long weekend without... and a new beta to boot. I fixed all my hard coded IP addresses for links  (TS and such for my home page) and everything was going along fine... until...

I figured I'd change weather before telling my admins about the new weather web page (THANKYOU!), I changed to building storms, set the Send to all players, and resend options, then went to the bottom of the web page and hit save - NO MORE WEB PAGE UDATES!

Turned around to the server, and it was hung, really hung! no mouse, no CTRL+ALT+DEL!

I rebooted, and all came back up, except the weather was still at cold fronts (I set this before the freeze via the GUI). I did also make some changes to the session comments via the web page.

Running WIn98 SE with the latest updates, DX 9.0b.

Russell Gilbert:
Does the weather page work ok now?  Have you been able to reproduce the same problem?



I had a million things going on last night, and didn't want to play with the server while others were flying.

Since then, I've pulled up the web page and altered the weather. It does not seem ot affect the server (other than changing the weather, but I did see errors in the log. The following shows everytime the weather page loads.
030924 12:49:12  Remote Access error 10054 receiving data. IP=

I think the error is related to starting a new version after stopping the old version, but without a system reboot. This is a Win98 machine, so I would not be surprised if it leaves some things unclean.

Russell Gilbert:
That error means that FSHost saw an incoming connection from your browser, but the connection was disrupted before your browser had a chance to send the full request.  You'll see this sometimes when you reload the page two times in a row really quickly.  But if you're seeing it repeatedly, then something's wrong with either FSHost or the browser.  I would guess restarting one or both of them should take care of it.  Let me know if it doesn't.


The address in that previous post with the error is my router's internal address. I'm guessing the reloads are from hitting the Send or Save buttons and reloading the pages so fast.

I did notice one additional error on last nights log - first log on the release in Prod:

030924 18:22:12 Latency for player 'Luv2Fly': 2007 ms  

030924 18:22:15 *** DPlayMsgAddPlayer2004: DPN_MSGID_CONNECT_COMPLETE, player id=0, status=0x80158590  

030924 18:22:15 Error 0x80158590 Connecting to Host.  

030924 18:22:18 Remote Access: IP=, GET, path=[/xml]  

030924 18:22:27 Latency for player 'Luv2Fly': 1210 ms  


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