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Changing aircraft visuals between FSX and FS9

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Hi guys,

Have been playing with FSHost between a few friends and myself.

Using FS9 we have absolutely no issues at all regarding being able to see someone else in their correct aircraft so long as we all have each other's aircraft installed in FS9. To this end the system is bullet proof.

The problem that we have is that we have a mix of FS9 and FSX users. Yes I know that FSX can connect to FSHost through the special client for FSX, and it works VERY well. Now, the problem that we have is one of visuals between the two FSim versions.

I have found through loads of head scratching and testing that so long as the FSX guys have all of our FS9 aircraft installed in FSX eventhough they will not actually fly them, they are able within the FSX client to manually change any or all of the aircraft that the FS9 pilots are using so that visually they appear correct to the FSX user. This is very similar to how FSInn used to work. If the FSX pilot does not manually change things he will usually see the FS9 people in a Cessna.

The problem arises with the other way around. When I view another pilot from my FS9 system who's aircraft I do NOT have installed shows them up as whichever aircraft I am using. Obviously if I have his aircraft installed he shows as in the correct type. However, if he is using FSX this is not the case, he does not show up as correct even though we are using the same aircraft but he is using the FSX version and me the FS9 version.

I am unable to find anywhere that a FS9 user can change the visuals so that he is able to alter a FSX pilots aircraft.

Just wondered if anyone knew of a work around for this. Perhaps a change to the aircraft.cfg file or something and if so, what sort of changes.

Any help would be gratefully received.


I posted yesterday regarding visuals between FSX and FS9.

By accident yesterday I found the planes.txt files in both FS Host and the FSX Client and thought it was the answer to my problem of resolving aircraft visuals between the two platforms. However, the planes.txt in FS Host mentions differencies between 2002 and 2004 but not FSX.

My friends and I tend to use a variety of 3rd party aircraft in FS9 with NO issues to those users. However, we have a couple of guys who need to use FSX due to having 3 screen setups etc and I am having a nightmare trying to get the FS9 people to see the FSX guys correctly and vice versa. I have tried by installing all the FS9 aircraft on the FSX guys systems and all the FSX aircraft on the FS9 systems in the hope that would solve the problem. How wrong I was.

Having found the planes.txt files I can see that they act as a way of telling the FS that if it sees Plane X to display it as Plane Y.

Does anyone have a workaround for the FS9/FSX resolving issues using files like the planes.txt or similar.

Many thanks for your help.


Russell Gilbert:
Hi Richard,

This is a difficult problem, I agree. 

The planes.txt file only translates plane names between FS2002 and FS2004, as you discovered.  That's because FSHost creates separate multiplayer sessions for FS2002 and FS2004 (they normally can't connect to the same session) and then FSHost relays all the data packets between the two sessions so the players can see each other. While it's doing the relaying, it can change the name of the planes according to the instructions in the planes.txt file, and fake out a player in another session so he sees the correct aircraft (or at least a similar one).

However, FSX connects to FSHostClient, and FSHostClient connects to FSHost as though it was an FS2004 player (sort of). So essentially the FSX player is joining the FS2004 session. That means that the planes.txt file should theoretically help between FS2002 and FSX players, but not between FS2004 and FSX players (because they're in the same session and FSHost isn't relaying data for them).

When a player joins a session, his FS sends a message saying which plane he's in. That message contains the "title" text from the aircraft.cfg file.  In FS2004, look in one of the Aircraft directories and then load aircraft.cfg into Notepad.  You'll see several lines like this throughout the top part of the file:

title=Cessna Skyhawk 172SP

Then if another player in the session has an aircraft with that same title ("Cessna Skyhawk 172SP") it displays the first player with that aircraft. So the important thing here is that all players have the same title line in one of the aircraft.cfg files. Then I think it all should work.



Thank you for the swift reply. I will give that a good test over the weekend.

I have formulated a plan of action for changing the various aircraft.cfg files.

Will re-post here after the tests as I can't be the only person who has found this problem, so hopefully it will help others.


I joined this forum, looking for exactly what you guys are talking about.  I have FSX and my friend has FS9.  I have all his aircraft copied over to my machine and I always see his.  But doing the same on his machine always just shows his own aircraft as mine.  Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated!!! :)



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