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Wrong hoplist loaded on reboot


Air SeaTac:
Hi all,

Never heard of this happening before, but our virtual airline runs a hoplist every month, starting on the 1st & ending at the end of the month.  Earlier today, & without warning, our host rebooted our VPS (probably the whole host server).  Everything came back online after the reboot no problem, but it was only several hours later we discovered FSHost had loaded last month's hoplist file.  It was a simple matter to reselect the current hoplist file on the hoplist admin page, and pilot data wasn't lost so everyone could resume from where they left off, but has anyone any idea why it wouldn't load the current hoplist file?

Thanks for looking

Russell Gilbert:
Hmm, I can't say I've ever heard of that happening.

When you open a hop list file in the Options dialog, the selected file name is written to FSHost's registry settings as soon as the dialog is closed. So it doesn't sound like a case of FSHost not being closed properly and not saving its settings. But for FSHost to load the wrong file when the server came up would mean that the wrong file name was in the registry at that time. My only guess is that maybe the server somehow reverted back to a previous copy of the registry because of the sudden reboot.

Quite the mystery.


Air SeaTac:
Thanks for the reply Russell,

Since you mentioned the registry I thought I'd check it.  It currently has this month's hoplist listed but I had already changed it on the admin page.

The hoplist is changed monthly, so I'll check early next month to see if the correct hoplist is recorded in the registry.

Air SeaTac:
Just revisiting this to say I've checked the registry & this month's hoplist is registered, so your guess that a registry backup might have kicked in on the reboot is the only credible answer.

Russell Gilbert:
Ok, thanks for the followup.  I guess we'll mark it down as a fluke and see if it happens again.



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