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If anybody is interested I have put together a Teamspeak 3 plugin similar to that for Teamspeak 2 which is packaged with the FSH Client.

The plugin will allow you to move channels in TS3 when frequencies are selected in your flight sim radio stack.

Big thanks go to the people that helped on the Teamspeak and FSDEVELOPER forums especially Doug who supplied me with the Flight Sim part of the code.

This is a 32bit plugin and will require the 32bit Teamspeak 3 Client.
This will not work with the 64bit Client.

If anybody would like this you can get the latest version here.

All that is required server side is that there be a channel named Air Traffic Control.
And Sub Channels named as 6 digit frequencies.

If your Flight Sim Com1 Active frequency matches a sub channel name you will switch once you hit your PTT.
Com2 is unaffected leaving it free to tune to the ATIS/Listen on 121.5 etc.

Tested with Steam and Boxed FSX. Should also work with P3D but untested at this time.


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