FSHost IP addresses in IPV4 and IPV6 formats

Started by emaresh12, December 02, 2017, 07:08:07 AM

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I have FSHost on my other computer. When I search on Google for "what is my IP" it shows my IP in IPV6 format:


But FSHost shows my IP in IPV4 format:


I have Xfinity cable and when I look in my router it shows the IP in IPV6 format and IPV4 format. I can connect to FSHost via a browser and via Flight Simulator, but nobody outside of my local network can connect.

Thanks for any help.

Russell Gilbert

The IP that FSHost is reporting is your IP address in IPV4 format, and that's the one you should give out to people so they can connect to your session.

The reason people outside your local network can't connect is probably because your router is blocking incoming connections, both for the browser and for Flight Simulator. Please see the section "Firewalls, Routers, and Port Forwarding" on the FSHost Help page for lots of information about how to configure your router so people can connect:


Also, you mentioned that you have FSHost running on your other computer. I would strongly suggest that you run FSHost on the same computer that you're running Flight Simulator on. That's because you can only setup your router to allow incoming connections for Flight Simulator to one computer at a time, and if you run the two programs on different machines, your router won't be able to allow incoming connections to both of them.



You can also check your public IP Address at What is my IP as well.