Tracking Flights from Multiple Servers with Google Maps Integration

Started by NET247, January 08, 2019, 12:26:11 PM

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So decided to duplicate my flight tracker from NET247 which only shows my own server into a full standalone site tracking multiple servers.

It monitors the FSHost master list for servers, then every so often connects to each server to get a list of flights and their status and plots it onto GMaps 3

Take a look:

Would love some feedback, suggestions or ideas.

If you for some reason want your server excluded, shoot me a PM and I will put it on the black list to ignore.


So, decided to test out another visualisation system on our site.

This uses a 3D Globe rendered with WebGL to display flight positions, originally we used this on another project but thought it would make a nice addition to this platform.

You can click, zoom, drag etc... updates are done every 60 seconds.