Connecting FSX to FS Host for the first time - a newbie's challenge

Started by Prototype, May 29, 2018, 11:46:38 AM

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Downloaded and installed FS Hostspy (version 1,3)
Not planning on 'hosting' any virtual airspace just yet - just trying to connect and 'fly' amongst other 'arm chair pilots'  :)  ...

The host seems to function properly-
Four re-sizeable panes with their relevant info and if clicking [Copy] on my chosen session, an instruction window pops up.

Here's where things go pear-shaped however -
"The server's IP address has been copied.  You can now paste..."  Erm, no you can't because there is nowhere to [Paste] as I'll continue to document -
[DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS]: Direct me to click on 'MULTIPLAYER' of the simulator programme.  Doing so with FSX brings up two options.
Internet - via Gamespy login.  Gamespy doesn't exist any more (ceased Feb 2013) so, that's a non-starter.
LAN is the other option but by very definition, 'LOCAL area network' is not on-line.

However, the only way to progress (as far as I could see) was via 'LAN'.  The IP address fields are divided into sections and must either be typed or else clicked up/down via selection arrow but definitely NOT pasted.  Again, there's no [Search] button as the instruction window states but, a [Find Sessions] button instead.  Clicking on this then produces another pop-up window stating "Trying to connect..." and after a few minutes, results in "Cannot create connection to host".

At this point, I'd pull my hair out were it not for the fact that age has already left me 'follically challenged'. Is there some other utility required as well as FS Host in order to get online with FSX?

I appreciate that FSX was first published over a decade ago and so, many peeps reading this have probably just logged in by whatever method they're familiar with and won't have paid much notice to the contents of that instruction window from the FS Host anyway.  Consequently, the instructions are largely ignored now I guess but -

B U T how does a newb such as me (without any Gamespy account) direct the FSX programme to connect on-line to a chosen server from the list presented by FS Host?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.  I'd relish taxiing my Short Belfast for take off amongst other enthusiasts.  Perhaps even the XC-99 as soon as there's a flyable model of it.  I haven't a clue how to create skins and such yet - that's another item on the self-development list.

So, to sum-up...


Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

You were SO close! :-)

The one piece you're missing is that with FSX, you need an additional program to get it to talk to FSHost. This isn't necessary with FS2002 and FS2004 because they're able to talk to FSHost on their own. Microsoft changed everything in the multiplayer environment with FSX, and it required programmers like me to write all the connection code from scratch. Hence the program you need, called FSHostClient. You can download it here on my web site:

See the Installation instructions at the bottom of that page. Basically you start up FSX and FSHostClient in either order, and then paste the IP address into FSHostClient. It then makes the multiplayer connection to FSHost, and acts as an intermediary between FSX and FSHost, passing all the data back and forth between the two programs.

Let me know if you get stuck!