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Am reasonably adept at working with files and yes I am familiar with the registry.  As you may well know, the Aerosoft aircraft are no longer in the SimObjects/Airplane file but are outside P3D and I know where they are..

Let me know what you might have in mind, and I will see if I can execute it.

Thanks for your response and a Happy New Year to you.


Russell Gilbert:
I've created a new version of FSHostClient you can test for me and see how it works.

This version doesn't look in the registry anymore to find the location of your simulator's aircraft files. It just prompts you to select the main folder of your simulator and then it scans the SimObjects folder under that to find all the aircraft. It'll prompt you to select the folder the first time you run the program, or you can also enter it on the Options window.

You can download FSHostClient 1.5 beta 5 here:



It works.  We can now see each other as Commercial Airliners in several paints.
It does however, have some limitations.
Since Aerosoft,Real Air,Xtreme Prototypes and I believe Flight 1 place their aircraft outside of P3D(as LM suggests) they do not show up on the Aircraft List.
The Aerosoft,Xtreme Prototypes and Real Air aircraft are here: 

This location also has the same aircraft as in those in the P3D root file under Sim Objects.
I tried pointing Host to the above location but it did not seem to recognize them there. If they were recognizable in that location then Host would pick up all installed aircraft.

Oh, and one other small thing..none of the aircraft show any undercarriage. 

What you have done is surely an improvement from where we were so I thank you for that.  Is there a way to make this work looking at the other location??
I'd be pleased to try out whatever you may suggest.
Take care,

Russell Gilbert:
Hey, sounds like we're making progress.  :)

Can you please email me one of the files it's not recognizing from the other location? I'll take a look and see how it compares to the files under SimObjects.






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