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Russell Gilbert:
Hi all,

I've been looking into the new FS2020 and I'm happy to report that it's based on Microsoft's FSX, which means it should eventually have support for all the SimConnect functionality that my FSHostClient program needs. That would allow you to run FSHostClient alongside FS2020 and connect to an FSHost session, and see planes from all of the previous versions of Microsoft FS.

FS2020 is being developed by the French company Asobo Studio and they're still working on getting all of the SimConnect functionality working. I was able to run FSHostClient version 1.3 and see messages being exchanged between it and FS2020, which is a great sign. But their API documentation lists which functions are working and which ones aren't, and there are still several in the "not working yet" column that FSHostClient needs.

So I'm watching this closely and hope to have a new version of FSHostClient that supports it some time in the future. I'll reply back here as I find out more.



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