MSFS2020 Aircraft Files

Started by bd515, January 25, 2021, 09:50:25 AM

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I had this working pointed FSHC to MFS2020 community\official\one store and one aircraft and I was able to change the other players aircraft to this aircraft I was flying and saw them and they saw me but since the last update I cannot figure out where to point again I have tried several things and did get it to say it saw 4 aircraft but they were just liveries and not the actual aircraft  Why does Microsoft have to make everything so complicated . Loving P3DV4.5 even more now  it looks better and works great  MF2020 besides the scenery is not that great they fix one thing and break two  really getting frustrated with this .
I would like to know where the actual aircraft files are located so we could point FSHC to that location like P3D just point it to the main folder and there it finds all the aircraft
I am running the 1.5b5 version of FSHostClient