!ping command

Started by Walter Correa Jr, September 30, 2003, 10:46:08 PM

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Walter Correa Jr

Its possible to add a !ping command via chat window like we have in Mirc?
Sometimes I want to know if a player is sleeping, dead or away  ;D

Russell Gilbert

What would the command do?  (I don't use Mirc)




In IRC, the ping command sends a ping message to a client. If the client is connected and alive, a pong is sent back along with the roundtrip time. This lets you know how lagged the client is, if it's connected at all.


For FS2002 clients, this information is available on the server status page in the Speed column. The information is not yet available for FS2004 clients.
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Russell Gilbert

Yep -- Peter's right.  It's actually on both the web status page and in the console itself, in the far left column of each.  It shows a set of colored bars, indicating the connection speed to the server, and if you hold your mouse over the bars in the web page, it'll also show you the number of milliseconds.  You can enable it on the Options / Misc window with the checkbox at the bottom ("player latency times").  And as Peter said, it's currently only available for FS2002 players.