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Hey all.

I dont know where to type this, but Im real bothered by something.    :-/

I started a 24/7 server approx. 5 months ago, and for the most part its been running non-stop during this time period (except when the hops are being changed). Now, with this new FSHostSpy out, its a wonderful tool to view other 24/7 servers running and join whenever you want.
The part that REALLY bothers me is, is when i went to view other servers URL...SOME people are copying my work!!!  Now I understand that its is fun to run a 24/7 server, and I spent a lot of time setting mine up (A HUGE amount of time and effort went into it...HUGE!!!), but it really saddens me to see others beeing so DAMN LAZY and feel that they have to 'copy and paist' my HTML coding and paist it on thier 'remoteaccesspublic' page. Do you have ANY idea how long it took for me to do that ?  ???
Obviously you do, because you dont have enough guts to ASK me to do that....OR make your own page    >:(

PLEASE GUYS!!!!  If you want to run a 24/7 server, lets play fair!!!  I will NEVER copy and paist your coding, and I expect the same courteousy from you. If you cant program in HTML, then learn, or leave the 'remoteaccesspublic' page alone...

Thanks for your time....

  Never looked at the remote access page... just wanted to say Nice Work. I've been running FSHost 24x7 since I found it, and realize how much it takes to get one up and running.

  I promise - I wont steal anything from your page :)

Well...Its been 14 hours since that first post, and when i did post it, i JUST found someone who not only used my design, but also used my personal web pages (artwork, logos, etc...), so I was rather "heated" about it all. Since then, i've had time to 'cool off', and i realized something. I realized that someone did copy it because, obviously, Its good enough to copy! So, in a sence, i am honored. (not that im bragging).

But my point obviously was made...and that person did change his web page....and i have to thank him.

We all have brains on our heads, and using them (wisely) is what makes a good web page "good"! And the web design i made was the first page i ever made, so i guess i took it a little personal, and im sorry. SO....(turning a new leaf here)...to anyone who needs help with making a page, I will gladly do my best to help in any way. You know where to find me. There is an email link at the bottom of one of my pages.

again...I apologize....

P.S.  of course, this (still) isnt permission to use my stuff    ;)

BTW... nice page Cowboyguy!  excellent work!
Lets see some more nice ones guys!!!   bring it on!   ;)


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