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hey Russel,

I was just wondering, Is it possible to change the messages when FSHost removes someone from the session?
I advertise my server on "the Zone" and when some people try to join with ,say DirectX8, they get a message saying 'The host has removed you from the session'. Then people leave messages like 'why did you remove me?' (among other messages i cant type here!!!   :o   )
Now is it possible to change that according to WHY they were romoved like....

- 'DirectX9 is required to join. please download at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.aspx'

- 'You have been banned from joining this server'

-'This server is full. Please try agan later.'


Are these messages coming from FS2002, and they can't be changed? or through FSHost?

Just a thought...thx!

Russell Gilbert:
Hi there,

Unfortunately it comes from FS2002, and there's not much I can do about it, but I agree that it's a problem.  What's happening is that they're joining the session and FSHost is detecting that they're running DX8, so it kicks them.  But there's no way to control the msg that FS2002 shows when they're removed.  And even if I try sending them a chat msg before kicking them, usually they never see it, because the chat window is removed when the multiplayer connection is closed.  And I'm afraid of waiting too long before kicking them, because they might bring down the session, running DX8.

Real problem tho...  The good news is that it'll all go away when everyone starts running 2004 :-)



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