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I thought Russell said FSHost can send the weather, though?  That would mean the only thing we'd need is an updated FSHost and another small program for FSHost to get real weather from.  With that program off or disabled in FSHost, then manual weather settings would work... sounds right to me  :D.

Russell Gilbert

I said I was able to get FSHost to send one weather packet (a thick fog) to a player and it worked.  That's a long way from being able to manually setup any weather you want :-)

It'll take a lot of work to even do it manually, and then a lot more to make it work with real weather.  Most likely I won't spend a lot more time with this until MS releases the multiplayer docs for FS2004, and I can see how much it's changed, and whether I can support both versions or not.  When I was trying to get that one weather packet to work, it took me several hours because there was a mistake in the docs for 2002.  I'm hopeful the docs for 2004 are a bit more accurate, but I'm not holding my breath.

(However, the idea of sending a thick fog to a particular player, such as during their final approach, might be interesting ;-) )



It would be a nice idea for the fs 2002, i donno if i, gonna get fs 2004, but im gonna just see what happens.  But with that manuel weather, you could be an evil host and play tricks on people (put 100 mph headwinds and fog on a newb trying to land).  That could ruin the game altogether. But be Horribly Funny to watch!


Weather "weapons" could be an effective means of dealing with problematic players.

Warning: Misbehaving on this server could result in your aircraft being permanently shrouded in dense fog.

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I love it! Why get mad when you can get even  ;D


QuoteI love it! Why get mad when you can get even  ;D

Plus you can have some fun while you are at it MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!