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Started by c2634k, January 29, 2004, 12:28:44 AM

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Sort of confused here.  Russell was able to connect to my fshost session without problem.  People I fly with on a daily basis claim they can't.  I can see their names pop up, but no fshost messages are sent to them.  Main thing I see in the log is "040128 19:53:17  Remote Access error: unknown path".  First two octets of associated IP address are always the same, and I believe they are coming from my provider (comcast).  None of the people trying to connect use comcast.

I'm using a Dlink DI604.  I have the recommended ports open (2300-2400) plus the port for fs2002.  I can connect using localhost and my external ip.  What am I doing wrong?  I know it's something simple, but it's driving me crazy.

If you want to try, the ip is

Thanks for any ideas

Russell Gilbert


If they're connecting and then disconnecting shortly afterwards, it means that they're never really getting into the session.  You mentioned that you have a few ports forwarded in your router, but you're missing a few.  Here's the full list you need if you're running both 2002 and 2004 sessions:

TCP 47624
UDP 23456
UDP 6073
UDP 2300 to 2400

(more info here:

It sounds like maybe the Remote Access error is a coincidence in this case -- that error "unknown path" is most likely coming from one of the many viruses that're active right now, trying to find a web server they can break into.  They're trying random IP addresses, and the directory they're trying to access doesn't exist in FSHost, so it rejects the connection immediately (so you don't have to worry about that part).

Try the other ports and let us know what you find.