FS HostSpy Troubles

Started by FlaBill, February 12, 2004, 12:06:53 PM

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After much agonizing, I have finally figured out which ports to open for FS Host. I now connect to the master server with no problems. FS Host says my external IP is 68.200.71.xxx

When I try to join with MSFS, I have to use the IP# from my router, not the external IP (192.168.xx.x) - is this normal? And, which IP do I tell others to connect to?. When I check on FS Host Spy, my session does not show up. Any ideas what I'm missing?

Hope it's not something stupid I'm missing, or has already been covered on the forum and I didn't read it...

Thanks in advance,



Always use the 68.200.*.*.

192.168.*.* is only for your local connection to your machine.

Russell Gilbert

Hi Bill,

Good that you got it registering ok with the Master Server.

Yes, when you connect to your own, the first thing to try is to just leave the IP field blank, and if that doesn't work, try (which is a special IP that always points to your own machine), or try your internal IP, as you found.

The external IP (68.200...) is the one you should always give out to other people.  They can't connect to the 192.168 address, it's just a fake address that's only valid inside your network.

If it's registering with the Master Server ok, but you're not able to see it in your own FSHostSpy, it's probably because of the IP mismatch -- that happens sometimes with people using routers.  It's because when FSHostSpy retrieves the list of server IPs from the Master, it gets your external IP and tries to connect to it, to retrieve the player details.  But it's having trouble connecting out to that external IP, and back in to the same machine.  I think that's called  U-turn connection if I'm not mistaken, and I believe it's been discussed somewhat around here before.  Some routers seem to have troulbe with that.  Anyway, the thing to do is to get someone else to check for you.

Let me know if I can help more,