Weather Option: Cicada's

Started by CowBoyGuy, May 11, 2004, 05:34:54 PM

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    Here in Maryland we are about to enter the 17 Year Cicada onslaught. Every 17 years these red-eyed bugs emerge from the ground for 6 weeks to fly around, mate and die... and get in the way of things like air flow over the wing. They are about the size of a cockroach.
    So, someone from my flight group was looking for cicada carcasses in the weather pattern to make it "as real as it gets"...
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Russell Gilbert

hehehe  :D

Yep, I'm definitely familiar with cicadas, we have them here in Oz, and I remember them from when I was a kid in Houston.  Obnoxious little suckers.  I didn't realize they were a problem for planes tho.

Hmm...  no precipitation, light winds from the south, visibility 3 feet, and cumulous clouds of cicadas from zero to 500 feet.  I'll get to work on that right away  ;)