FSHost 4?

Started by Megaman, May 16, 2004, 06:39:26 AM

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Is there going to be a FSHost 4 released in the near future with all these great ideas from the wishlist incorporated?



Russell Gilbert

Hi Megaman,

Well, I have to be completely honest and say that I don't have any immediate plans for a major release with a lot of new features.   However, I always keep a document with notes about all the great ideas people submit to me in email and here on the forums, so it's quite possible that some of them will find their way into a future version.

I'm way overdue on releasing an update to FSHost.  I guess that's bad that I haven't addressed the existing bugs, but also good that all my dedicated beta testers did such a great job in helping me to make it stable enough to last this long without an update.  Luckily there's only one serious bug in version 3.0 (listed on the Announcements forum), and nobody seems to be complaining about it too much.  But I do want to put out a maintenance release some time soon with several small suggestions people have made over the last few months.  Then hopefully I'll find the time to tackle some of the bigger features that have been suggested -- a lot of them are really fantastic ideas.

So as I've said, don't be afraid to suggest new ideas -- they may make it into the program one day, even if not today.   :)