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Server Browsing via ASE


Hi all

I'd like to see FSHost servers reporting to some kind of a master like most other server based games do.

That way using a tool like All Seeing Eye (http://www.udpsoft.com/eye2/index.html) pilots could find a server local to them with the flying conditions they are after (ATC controlled or uncontrolled etc etc) and good ping times etc.
I think this would bring the mplayer community closer togther and make the job of finding a good regular server to use much much easier.

heheheh, i agree!!   great idea you have there...    ;D

Russell Gilbert:
Stay tuned to the FSHost web site for news of a new version... and a new program very similar to what you're suggesting :-)  Hopefully some time this coming week.


Woot! \o/

Im running a server and I can see it in FSHostSpy.
Nice one sir :)


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