Connected to FS Host, FS Nav resets PC

Started by daz, June 04, 2004, 02:23:22 PM

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Has anyone had a problem with their PC resetting whilst connected to FSHost and the running FSNav in multiplayer.
Any suggestions would be great.
USB Cable modem attached to PC, FSHost server on the internet. Latest FSUIPC and DirectX.



Hi Daz,

Since you're running FSHost all the while - and apologies if this sounds daft - make sure that the setting which locks out FSNav users isn't set to active.

Mind you, in the news posts (or the FAQ?) it said that one issue addressed in the most recent patch had to do with this feature and recommends setting a FSNav chuck-out time of zero seconds, to stop them getting in at all.

In the meantime, it would help us to know: -

Which Version of FS do you use?

Which Version of FSUIPC ?
- you say 'latest' version but does that mean the payware version which may be unsuitable for use with FS2002/2002Pro. IIRC correctly, 2.97 is the highest version compatible with FS2002/Pro

FS Nav (v4) will happily install to either 2002 OR 2004 (but copy and paste of files from an old 2002 installation into FS9/modules directory is not going to work properly). The multiplayer connect dialogue boxes are different in the two versions. In the 2004 version, there's a selector for "Use default port : 23432" for instance. That's not there in the 2002 version and there are other subtle differences. FSNav 2002 files copied/pasted into "...Flight Simulator 9\Modules" would likely cause a program crash at this point.

In XP, use Start|Control Panel|Add/remove programs to uninstall "FSNav4 for FS2002" and reinstall it from your master download file. Select the tickbox to specify which version(s) you want to install. You will need to re-register it after reinstall, using your original key. (Make sure you know where this is stored before you start this).

Interestingly, if you have BOTH FS2002 and FS2004 installed at the time you come to install FSNav for the first time (or after a removal from a previous single-install by using add/remove progs), it will offer to install the appropriate version in to each program, at the same time. You have to run the appropriate database compilers once each before running each sim though.

The relevance of this is that FSNav interacts with FSUIPC and any version mismatches are bound to cause you troubles like this.

You didn't specify which DX version, other than 'latest'

DX9.0 (final version)
DX9.0b (final version, not a beta)

If you do have DX9.0b, have you been to Windows Update and installed the KBnnnnnnn (or Qnnnnnn) security patch for this edition of DX? This may not be part of the problem but needs doing in any case.

The fact that the crash occurs at the moment you fire up FSNav is a big clue here, I think. It's a module but it's 'dormant' until you invoke it with the F9 key. Mine takes a good 30 secs of disk accesses before it's fully on display. If your crash is quicker than that, then it sounds like a FS/FSUIPC/FSNav version mismatch of some kind.

Come back with the extra info and let's see what we can come up with.


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