Connecting to my own FSHost with Linksys router

Started by Ace, August 05, 2004, 12:31:08 AM

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Ok, when i try to connect to my own FSHOST server, i can't see or talk to any of the people there. But in the fshost menu, it shows there flying around happily.  i opened all ports (help website) and im joing my server using a linksys router with dmz open.  Im connecting it using or localhost, but nether work. i cant even detect my own ip.  Please help me.  


had exact same problem with exact same router. . Fixed it by changing the port number that FShost uses.  Change it from port 80..that should do it.   Then check to make sure it works by using Host Spy to see if it shows up on the net...


It does show up on fshostspy, anyways, but ill give it a go.


wait, port 80 is just for the Remote access page, and people can already acess the page.  that cant be the problem.


Are you sure you are actually connecting?  Can you open the chat window?  If not, try connecting on a port different from the default, i.e. port 23455.  That's in your multiplayer settings in FS.  I'm using a Linksys DI-604 router with the suggested ports forwarded and have no trouble.  Good Luck.


Russell Gilbert