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Started by Tanner, November 07, 2004, 06:05:39 PM

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Little thing that might be nice. It would be a little list if who's been on in the public page. Maybe a page like that in the admin area with their IP adress.
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Russell Gilbert

Yeah, this is a feature that was suggested by someone else quite a while back actually, but hasn't made it into the program yet.  The original suggestion was to have a list showing which players had logged in in the last X hours, their names, the time they connected, how long they were connected, etc.  It's an interesting feature, and I'd be interested to hear any other comments on it.



This would be a nice feature.  
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Been a little while since I've posted. (Hi Russell!)

This would be a really handy feature to help people find when others usually are online either to fly with them or to avoid crowded skies.
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