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I just remembered an idea I had while customizing the FSHost status page (layout, colors, autorefresh, etc.) for Bush Net. Would it be possible to have a %chat% variable that could include the last X messages sent? Maybe even a few variables such as %chat10%, %chat20%, %chat50% to specify the number of lines. That way, people checking out the status page could get a glimpse of what's going on and maybe want to join the session.

Of course, I wouldn't put the variable in the default status page since not everyone may want to have such info available outside the session.

Russell Gilbert:
Very interesting idea -- I like it :-)

I'll look into it and see what kind of work would be necessary.



Great! I have some other ideas from a while back. Just have to remember them.  :P

I think this crossed my mind at some time, too...  Would it be possible to put a "Guest" or "Viewer" name for the anonymous sender?  If not, this would be done by taking out all of the permissions for Admin except chat, and making its password public.  (although this would seem a waste of the admin logon name)

Actually, I wasn't suggesting the ability to have people send text into the chat from the web page--just view the chat that's going on. Letting just anybody send text could really get out of hand. However, if people want to be able to have anonymous input to chat, just make sure it can be disabled.


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