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OK. Last idea for tonight. How about being able to dump out session status info in XML format to a file accessible over http? That would enable others to make tools that could more easily access the info (e.g. FSViewlet).

Russell Gilbert:
Every once in a while, someone suggests a feature that I just finished working on  ;D

I'm happy to say that this will soon be available in version 2.5, along with quite a few other new things.  Hopefully I'll be releasing some time this coming week.


Cool!  ;D You da man!  ;)

I wonder.....

If you give all the data in XML for all the active pilots.... a clever java developer could manage a java based radar screen that would show pilots with data on a radar screen based at the XML files -  NO active connections, NO fake players, NO Micro$oft direct* library.....

Heck, I can draw a circle.... even made a rubber chicken chart once.....

How specific is the location and altitude data in the XML?

Russell Gilbert:
Interesting idea.  You can see the XML data of any server by going to its public page and adding "/xml" to the end of the URL.  For example:

(This trick of viewing it in a browser only works in IE, btw).

Unfortunately, right now it only shows the same info that you see inside FSHost.  But I'll add the latitude/longitude data to it in the next release, in case someone can use it for something.



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