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Started by Wrenchca, January 14, 2005, 06:46:29 PM

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Hello All,
I have been having problems with FSNav connections and have found the following workaround to be successful with FS9.

Before connecting FS9 to the server, I go to the client settings and switch the connection port to 23460.
After joining with the server, I start FSNav and change the connection port on it to 23456.  It seems to work everytime for both myself and other users.

Also, can someone please try a FS2002 connect on my server?  I am having difficulties connecting, but suspect it may just be a limitation of my D(uh)-Link Router.


FS Server


Myself and others I fly with have noticed the same thing...  If we connect to FSHost on 23455 and use 23456 for FSNav, seems to work fine, otherwise we have connection issues.  This is a recent developoment however, as I never used to have any trouble with the default ports.  Strange.  Just my two cents.