Fshost problems on Network!!

Started by colsona, April 24, 2005, 07:58:02 AM

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Dear Sir,,

I'm looking for some help with a FShost server problem.
Here's what i got I have two computers and a linksys befw11s4 v2 router. The first computer named "Cougar" is my server computer. From it I run FsHost and TeamSpeak severs. My second computer is what i do my games on like FS2004 when I play. The problem is that when ever i log on it kicks everybody else off. One player can be on all day long and have no problems but if another logs on it starts to kick people off. I'm not sure if it's me,, meaning i have yet to get two outside people on the server to check that situation out.
I have troubleshot opening ports and configuring the router with no success.

Is there anything you might know that could help me.