Started by Ace, July 21, 2003, 01:33:57 PM

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CowBoyGuy, thanks, ill get back to you if it works.


  ;DThere I was, minding my own business, walking under this window, when out of nowhere........
Tony C,    

Sorry Ace, couldn't resist


At least someone is having the same problem as me! I have 4 computers behind a dlink 714P+ router. 1 of which is a server running windows server 2003 the rest are running windows xp pro and home. on the server im running teamspeak and fshost via firedaemon (run as service) People can connect externally fine, but if i try to connect via my pc in the LAN it kicks every one off the server. I have to reboot my computer and the server for people to be able to re connect to fshost. I have ports  2302-2400 UDP open 6073 UDP open they are triggered ports also in the router firewall i have them open aswell going to the lan ip of the server. But if i still connect wehn people are flying it kicks everyone of fs host! Any solutions?

many thanks