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Started by EDVM96, July 12, 2003, 08:58:20 PM

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Gidday!  8)

How about adding an improved FSHost Web-Interface?
I was thinking about a flight-log html-page based on the flight reports each pilot gives into FSHost.

This page could contain the names of all Pilots and their reported flights, dates, flight times, aircraft used, etc.
It could be a permanent web-accessible logfile and database for all server traffic.  :D
This would help many virtual airlines to automate their roosters & flight boards.
All you need is to write the flight plan infos from FShost into a separate .txt-file and let FSHost create a .html-file of it automatically. (I hope it's that simple ;))

Another good thing would be if you could use .xls and .css stylesheets to create html pages from FSHost.
Then it would be possible for each website to setup an individual page-style and, once changed,  the auto-generated html pages would have the individual style of each website automatically.  :)

Thanks a lot!

Russell Gilbert

Both good suggestions!

I've added .css stylesheet support to all the html pages for version 2.5 (due out very soon).  That should help with the problem people always have with merging in their changes when I change the html pages in a new version.  This way most people can just keep using the same .css file and overwrite the html files with the new ones I release.

I also like the logging idea -- it's similar to another feature that's been suggested before.  Unfortunately it won't be in 2.5, but I've added it to my list of possible features for a future version.




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I like the logging idea... but I wonder if it belongs in FSHost. I see plenty of logs available for all the pilots that have flown on my server. And if I turn on all the details, I could see these logs being pulled into a  [freeware] database on a daily(?) basis.

I would recommend letting something outside of FSHost deal with the history logs of the server. I for one am thrilled I can use a low level machine for the host.

I'm thinking of an perl>mysql data push, and with todays options,  it could be on a remote server even! Then let reports be written with apache/php/mysql pages.

... something to think about.....
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