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Started by PH-SJA, January 25, 2006, 08:33:38 AM

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Hi ,

We have used FSIN for a while but the frame rates where goning down to unflighable rates.
We are using FSHOST now but there is a problem.
When the network administrator is logging with his internal IP then one of our members locked out
and de same thing is happening the other way rond, when that member is logt in than the network administrator is locked out.

We have tested untill far in to the night but we not solve that problem, please help !!!!!

Greetings Stef

Russell Gilbert

Hi Stef,

Yeah, this can be a problem because when the administrator logs in, he's connecting with a local IP address that the other players can't connect to.  This is especially a problem when the FSHost server and the local player are on different machines on the same local network.  If you have a router or firewall, you have to forward the ports to go to the FSHost machine, and then the data isn't making it to the admin's machine.  One thing you might try is the DXport program at  This program lets you change which ports are used by DirectPlay, so you can do things like assign the range from 2300 to 2309 to one machine, and 2310 to 2319 to another machine, rather than letting DirectPlay randomly pick which ports it wants to use.  When this is running, you can then forward just those ports to each of the two machines, so you don't have to forward all of them to only one machine.

Hope this helps,