Total Flight Hours per Pilot

Started by wishmaster, January 13, 2006, 11:11:47 AM

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as far as i can say i like the fshost program.
we are running it now for 12days nonstop.  (not to be advertising or something :) )

but there is 1 thing we need in the pilot logs. the total flight time. the time that you can also see in the players tab of the webpanel.
it needs to be in the logs also, but it isn't.

Could this be done somehow?



Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

Sorry, I'm out traveling at the moment, so I'm not able to get to all the info I need.  But from memory, doesn't the pilot log include some form of flight time also?  Maybe you can refresh my memory as to what the difference is between that time, and the one you want?



well from what i see on the webpage. i only see the total time at the players tab.

i dont know how it is on the server side, but because i myself am also traveling allot so i cant check the server all the time, it would be handy to have it in the logs.
i know there is a sort of time in there but we need a calculated total time in de log also. when the pilot logs out. because thats not in there. you only see the time logd in and time logd out. but not total flying time. that number will be picked up by a  php script i made and will be used to rank the pilots with, and give them virtual credit for.

i cant say anymore because our lawyers say so :) LOL

no it's a little extra im making for the game.
hope you now understand what i mean with total flying time.