A FSHost webpage

Started by nicefly, May 09, 2006, 05:59:08 PM

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FSHost Spy is not bad... But a realtime and well designed FSHost webpage, with all running servers and a couple of details (session, hoplist, comments, teamspeak channel, etc...) would be much better.

This would be a great alternative to the MSN Gaming Zone, which will shut down soon by the way.

A way not to be too much "Microsoft dependent"...

Russell Gilbert

I've thought about it before, but it presents a couple of technical challenges that FSHostSpy doesn't have to deal with.  Is there something in particular you like about the idea of a web version more than the Windows application version?


Nicefly, not to step on Russells toes here but, we are working on a project that you may be interested in www.fsunleashed.com    We need all input and help from what simmers are looking for in this type of web page.  Please visit the site and click on the link to take you to the forum that we are using to communicate about this venture!

Two weeks and counting until Zone is gone .... (which is not at all a bad thing, IMHO)



Thanks for the info, i will check your site carefully.

Gaming Zone wasn't the top for sure, but was still the only public place where simmers can check for live sessions, either under FSHost, personal or on IVAO or others...