Weather change per hop

Started by maj, May 19, 2006, 06:19:22 PM

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Not sure you can do this, but if not would be a nice add on. I set up and host Flight "events" on our server We offer free prizes or "Gifts" to those that win from such sponsors as Megascenery, courseplanner, and Flight1. My question is, as much as we plan for events it would be nice to be able to change the weather per hop. I make added challenges for our members and they seem to enjoy them. If this IS possible, could someone post a reply... Many thanks.

Maj Blue Angel
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Russell Gilbert

Hi, sorry for the delay.

It does sound like an interesting feature.  I guess it's basically just the ability to set the weather differently for different locations, rather than just globally.  For example, you could set it to be sunny at the airport for hop 1, and raining at the airport for hop 2.  Or is there something else you had in mind that it should do?



sorry for the even later post but ive been foolin around and doing some experiments and i think it might be possible...unfortunitly my test version got "screwed" some how after my FS (fsX) loaded the real weather from jepsen or whoever handeles that...not sure if i did somthin incorrectly that caused this to happen or what i did wrong...any ideas about this russ? if your not sure either its no big deal...