Continuously running FSHostserver: can it run from webspace instead of computer?

Started by senecapilot, June 23, 2006, 03:04:10 PM

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      I am new with webspace and FSHost, and so far have enjoyed the program (although I haven't been able to fully accomplish getting a server up and running  ;) ).   I had a question regarding setting up a server that can run constantly from a webspace or website (not from a computer) without the creator having to start his computer.   
     First of all, is this possible?  If so how can I accomplish this? 

           Any help would be greatly appreciated,  sincerely: senecapilot

Russell Gilbert

Sorry, no, FSHost has to be run from a normal PC, it can't be run on a webhost.  The problem is that webhosts don't generally run custom applications like that for you -- they only let you put up web pages and sometimes CGI scripts.  But you have to run full applications like FSHost from your own PC.  Sorry, I wish they would also.