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FSHost looses FQDN on MasterServer


HI all,
I run FSHost in a LAN behind a NAT-Firewall with an ext.  dyn. IP.
When I set the Server IP of FSHOST to the FQDN (fs2k2.no-ip.com) and then start the server You can see in the cgi-reply from the master-Server this name. So far so good. If I have to restart FSHOST for any reason on the next connect to the master it looses the fqdn and replies the IP. This is a problem for all LAN-Client who try to check the server via FSHostSpy because You cannot reach theFSHost server from LAN via external IP.
I guess that it is no problem by FSHOST but by the cgi on the MasterServer.
Is this resolvable?

Russell Gilbert:
This is definitely a bug  :(

If I understand you correctly, the IP address that the Master Server finds for you is not your real IP?  I'm guessing your ISP is using a web proxy?

Just to be sure, can you please try this test...

First start the game server.  Then go to Options / Master Server and set the IP address field to be blank.  Then when you click OK, it should re-register with the Master Server and fill in the IP address automatically.  Then go back to the Options / Master Server tab and see what IP address it gave you.  Is that not your IP address?  I mean, is that not the numeric IP equivalent to fs2k2.no-ip.com?



Hi back,

no, that's not what  mean. First have a look at this:

Now I try to explain:
In the settings of my FsHost I enter fs2k2.no-ip.com as ServerIP. Now I start FsHost. When I download the textfile from the CGI on the FSHostSpy-Master I can see:
This is fine, cause now the external AND internal FSHostSpy try to connect to the FQDN. The internal DNS resolves this request with the INTERNAL IP of the FSHost-Server.
Even if the DOD-IP changes the connection still works, cause the FQDN-Record is updated.
Now comes the failure: for any reason (reboot, ASR, Install) I have to restart the FSHost-Service. When I now look into the field of the ServerIP (where I first entered the FQDN) the external IP is in there and if I look in the CGI-File there stands:
What now happens, is that all internal FSHostSpys cannot see this server, cause the external IP is not routed if contacted from inside. And when the DOD-IP changes next time it's not valid anymore and even all external FSHostSpys wont find this server.

puh... I hope You got me now. It's a litle complicated but essential for enviroments like mine -I guess I'm not the only one. The most simple solution would be, if the CGI-File ALLWAYS keeps the FQDN of the Server if given.

thanks in advanced


Russell Gilbert:
Ok, yep, I understand completely now.  The problem is that FSHost isn't saving the FQDN that you're entering.  So the next time the program starts, the IP address field is actually empty before you start the game server.  Then it gets filled in with the numeric IP that the Master Server detected when FSHost registers.

I definitely need to save the FQDN that you enter, so that FSHost can remember it next time you start it.

I'll send you a beta when I have something for you to try.



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