Welcome, beta testers!

Started by Russell Gilbert, July 12, 2006, 09:15:37 AM

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Russell Gilbert

This section of the forums is for discussions related to current beta versions.  If you've found a problem or have a question about the latest beta version of FSHost or FSHostSpy, here's the place to report it.  Please use meaningful subject lines with a summary of your post (i.e. not just "Help, it's broken!" :-).  This will make it easier for other users to search these forums later.

Thanks, and happy testing!


Bata Test Report for July 29,2006 Location KCSG Flight Groups Server..
i like to report we been runing the new bata for about a week  so far  with no problems.
there been other software runing in the background like GRlevel3 weather software Emwin weather software
email server and appserv websoftware with no problems .
if any develope i will pass it on

KCSG Flight Groups