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Broader ban options


Just a thought.

What about being able to ban IP ranges or CIDR. Perhaps the use of a htaccess file? I understand the problem associated with banning full ranges as far as restricting legitimate users also within that range, BUT on occassion it could be a short term fix for that "Problem" child.

Also if bans where stored in a common file would be good, For those that run multiple servers, rather then having to manualy enter the ban on all servers.

Russell Gilbert:
Yes, good ideas here.  I'll see what I can do...


Russell Gilbert:
Hi Bob,

Just in case you hadn't already seen it, I've added the ability to ban by IP address ranges in beta 27.  Take a look and see how it works for you...



Thank you for that mod and your reply also, I had seen the "IP range" option and it is a great addition :)

I'm sorry for my late response.



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