VOR to VOR Hops

Started by CanopyFlyer, June 12, 2003, 12:26:55 AM

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This may already be possible in the current version of FSHost... If so please forgive my ignorance as I have only started exploring FSHost.

It would be fun to be able to do VOR to VOR hops without landing. Granted the main fun of flight sim 2002 for me is bringing a small prop in after executing a difficult and "dangerous" approach. However, being able to travel from VOR to VOR and receive new directions at an administrator designated DME I think would bring a whole new dimension to the sim.

I'm not a programmer and have absolutely no idea if the above idea is feasable, so please take it as "just a thought."

FSHost is an AWESOME product, please keep up the great work!

Blue Skies,
The CanopyFlyer

The author of this message is trained and licensed in the practical application of aerodynamic decelerators.

Russell Gilbert

Yep, another great feature.  I started working on it a bit, and ran into a technical complication :-)  But I'm hoping to have it in a future version.  I'll probably include VORs, NDBs, and Intersections.