Logout using IExplorer Admin access

Started by Walter Correa Jr, July 25, 2006, 06:26:29 AM

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Walter Correa Jr

Hi Russel

When i use the internet admin access and tried to logout the upper frame shows an error message and the bottom frame stays showing the last page that i was using.
Its not a beta problem because it happened with the latest official version also.


Russell Gilbert

Hi Walter,

Ah, yes you're right.  Looks like I need to revisit that feature and see how to get it working agian.  It's happening because Internet Explorer no longer allows the "username:password" format in URLs, which it's using when you logout.  What's kinda funny is that the Logout link only appears if you're in Internet Explorer because when I originally wrote it, the other big browser at the time was Netscape, and IE supported the format I was using but Netscape didn't.  Now the big competitor to IE is Firefox, and today I see that IE no longer supports that format but Firefox does  :)

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll see what I can do.