FSX and FSHost (?)

Started by johannesmueller, July 25, 2006, 01:03:09 PM

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Hi Russel!
From your comments it sounds like you're "in the know" regarding the multiplayer code in FSX. It doesn't really fit into the beta-discussions here, but perhaps you can give me a little tip. This "soon" FSHost server is set up to be replaced (don't say it too loudly, it might hear it and die too early :D). If FSX is completely different regarding multiplayer (as they've been "leaking") it might make sense to just get an old box to run FSHost until most people have moved to FSX -- if FSHost however will remain useful with FSX, I'd rather get a better box to use and be prepared.

What do you think? Should I prepare the server for FSX on the same server or should I just pull FSHost through on an older box? (if you can't reply, just say so :D :D)


Russell Gilbert

I'm hoping to be able to support it.  Time will tell...

Sorry I don't have a better answer right now, but I'll let you know when I do.  :)


Walter Correa Jr

Did someone try the Demo FSX with FSHost?
I am downloading it now (636MB) and will try soon.

Russell Gilbert

Sorry the FSX demo won't work with FSHost.  They've changed to a completely different networking system -- no longer using DirectPlay now, which Microsoft says is officially "deprecated".  I still hope to have support in FSHost for FSX when it's released tho.



Hi Russell i really hope your fshost will work on the new flight simX i think i would be lost with out fshost it is an amazing little program and i would like to thank you for it to

all the best to you all